Steve Chab

Multi-Genre Music Producer, Songwriter, & Recording Artist in Pittsburgh, PA

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My goal is to inspire you through authentic, Spirit-filled music. ♥

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Rock ♫

I do it all. My love for rock ranges from classics like Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath to the most modern and obscure hipster sub, sub-genres.

Genres: progressive rock, post-hardcore (emo, metalcore, pop punk, etc.), math rock, and alt folk.

Electronic ♫

The creation of electronic music fuels my passion. Synthetic rhythms and the concepts of musique concrète tickle my fancy!

Genres: glitch-hop, witch house, chillwave, dnb, breakbeat, and industrial.

Hip-Hop & Beats ♫

My love for electronic music fuels my love for hip-hop! Most hip-hop, in one way or another, is also electronic music. I love experimenting with bass and beats!

Inspirational beat-smiths: DJ Krush, FlyLo, and eLan.

Funk & R&B ♫

My love for hip-hop fuels my love for funk! I found that many of my favorite beats were altered funk and R&B songs from the 70s and 80s.

Composers David Axlerod and Alain Goraguer are my inspiration.

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It requires dedication, talent, and a clear, drug-free mind to make music with me. Interested? Check out my music production and songwriting services.

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Sometimes, I perform emo songs with an acoustic guitar. Want to play a show together? Email me.

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