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40+ tracks in assorted genres. Your favorite hits from 2008 through today.

Matt and Steve eskimo kissing

Coming Out of Our Shell by EGG

Terribly ridiculous songs written and recorded within 48 hours in 2010 with Matt Susko.
© 2017

the sun and moon

At the Western Wall, some will believe what God says.

Prog rock reinterpretations of Nils Frahm's neoclassical piano.
© 2016

abstract art by Matt Susko

Basking Astronaut

Toys warped and distorted into music via Tek-Obsessed-Audio-Recordings.
© 2015

photo of the practice space in Steve's basement

Basement by Bassette

Distorted lo-fi recordings of Ezra Dulis in a basement.
© 2014

Steve and his wife acting silly

Wedding Favor

Two songs by the Chabs; a literal wedding favor.
© 2013

skull artwork by Dave Dycus and Steve Chab


Spiritual poetry set to electroacoustic witch house.
© 2013

abstract art by Matt Susko

Reallergy (Remix Album) by Histamines

Remixed funk songs from Histamines's debut release Allergy.
© 2012

abstract photo of Steve

Pattern in Camouflage

Emo revival album; compare to Sunny Day Real Estate.
© 2012

allergy medication box

Allergy by Histamines

Cinematic funk provides ample neck peck and big booty shake.
© 2012

beagle logo

American Beagle

Four emo revival songs; compare to Texas is the Reason.
© 2010

abstract typography V/A artwork


Remix collaboration with the one and only Vanilla.
© 2010

dead birds kissing and hot red lava


Abstract techno via Galactic Dust Records. Thanks, eMpyre!
© 2006